Do you feel like you’re still having trouble being noticed while other guys appear to have figured out how to attract women? Feeling like a self-assured man might be challenging if you don’t think you possess the necessary attributes that most women want. However, we’ll tell you what qualities women value in a man!

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It’s true that you feel lonely right now, but you don’t have to. So many males are curious in what appeals to women. This also applies to the males who appear to have it easy. Thankfully, there is no misconception about what women desire. Let’s discuss the kinds of personalities that appeal to them as well as some other crucial information regarding winning over a woman’s heart.

What Women Want

Men really think that women seek a great deal of stuff. But in actuality, a lot of them are falsehoods, presumptions, or incomplete statements that a lot of guys believe because of what they read or watch in the media. These are typically issues that women just cope with and that males mistakenly believe appeal to women. Let’s examine and thoroughly refute a few of these terrible bits of advise.

1. Men Who Put in Long Hours Are Desired by Women

The saying “Women want a man who is a hard worker” frequently takes on this meaning. Men tend to view working 60-100 hour work weeks as a badge of pride.

Men, however, are unaware that women find attractiveness in a person’s work ethic and work-life balance rather than in their hours worked. In all honesty, most women won’t find you very appealing if you’re working so long hours that you can’t even enjoy yourself outside of work.

2. Extremely Muscular Men Are Desired by Women

Men frequently use the comparison of female superheroes like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to male superheroes like Batman and Superman in response to women’s complaints about the severe sexualization of these characters.

Nevertheless, women frequently find those qualities to be unattractive. This is due to the fact that they are centered more on masculine power fantasies than on what appeals to women. Although these characteristics appeal to certain women, they shouldn’t be the gold standard as many people think. Additionally, keep in mind that views on masculinity and beauty change depending on where you go in the world.

3. Women Desire Men Who Are the Most Manly

Many guys think that women won’t find them appealing if they do something that isn’t deemed macho. This is a false belief that toxic masculinity instills in children from an early age.

Men can, of course, act in macho ways. Women don’t find that appealing, though. A guy may lack confidence and appear uneasy in his own flesh if all he needs to do to prove that he is a man is act macho. The next time you feel like it’s not macho enough to wear a specific color or attend a certain event, consider whether you’re resisting out of personal preference or because you don’t believe it will draw in ladies.

4. The Absence of Feelings Is Appealing

One thing that women clearly find unappealing is coldness. This absence of feeling is frequently closely linked to masculine power fantasies, which males mistakenly believe to be desirable qualities in women.

Because they are frequently forced to repress their feelings, women may feel frightened around a male who lacks emotional display and ownership. These men are also frequently unpredictable and prone to violent outbursts.

5. A Guy Who Handles Her Like a Royal

Women don’t always require a man to be at their beck and callus. They may occasionally wish to spoil you as well.

A woman may get disinterested in a relationship if she believes that it is all about you treating her well. It’s okay to treat her well once in a while, but also allow yourself to be pampered. Give and take are the foundation of all relationships; if all you do is give and never accept what she attempts to offer you, it might go south quickly.

6. Well-endowed guys are essential for women


Many men, in particular, utilize one body component to gauge their manliness, sexual appeal, and overall sense of value. It’s a popular belief that most women desire a man with a huge penis.

Sizes that are typically between 8 and 13 inches are mentioned frequently in erotic literature. When a woman sees a penis so big, she usually says one thing, even if the vaginal canal is only around 4-5 inches deep. “Aww.”

Of course, there are women who find a huge size beautiful, but overall, your size is probably not one of the most desirable attributes that women search for.

7. Monetary Assistance

The proliferation of incel, red pill, and MGOTW (men going their own way) literature has led to a misconception among sensible males about what most women desire.

The typical woman isn’t interested in a relationship where she is financially supported, despite what you may have read online. She would much prefer have a self-sufficient man who is financially responsible so she can concentrate on taking care of herself.

Take a minute to reevaluate whether you are feeling bitter or have convinced yourself that a lady rejected you because she is a wealth digger. Is there another aspect of your strategy that is turning her off?

8. Extended Partnerships

It’s not that women aren’t interested in committed relationships. A large number of them do. Simply said, a lot of males believe that’s all women are interested in.

Never presume that to be the case. Globally, women aspire to different things in their relationships. Of course, some people aspire to be married. For them, a more relaxed relationship allows them to concentrate on their hobbies, friends, and careers. Therefore, guys who are single may feel secure knowing that there are ladies out there who share your desires.